Carl Hartshorn

Software Engineer
Creator of [Listen Later](

Hi 👋

I'm Carl, a Software Engineer and creator of Listen Later.

In 2016, I graduated from Lancaster University with a first class masters degree in Computer Science, and have since been working as a software engineer for web-based applications.

As a Lead Software Engineer, I strive to build and nurture technical excellence and best-practice within teams. I advocate for test driven development, continuous integration / continuous deployment & everything as code.

So far in my career I've successfully utilised Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Azure, C#, .NET Core / ASP.NET Core, SQL Server, Cosmos DB and Azure DevOps. I've also extensively employed non Microsoft technologies including Kubernetes and Vue.

This site was built using SveleKit and is hosted on Netlify.

I'm particularly interested in architectural patterns, especially around splitting solutions into microservices and decoupling of those services using events.

Outside of work my interests include bouldering, food & photography.